Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Here are the pages from our day in Epcot. Brian and Laura joined us the night before, so the whole family's in there now. :) This lady in Japan only makes a few of these suckers at a time, so you're really lucky if you get one. Ruth or someone in her family has gotten one everytime they go. This time, it was me. :)

We happened to get to China just in time for this show. The acrobats were amazing. In the top photo, if you enlarge the page, you'll see the bowls flying in the air. She would put them on her foot, flip them into the air, and catch them on top of her head! The discs that they're spinning in the bottom photos just looked like fancy pillow covers. I have no idea how they kept them spinning while they were in such strange positions.
The next few pages have pictures that were taken while we were back in the hotel and the twins were taking a nap. That's why we're not in them. :(

Here we all are together. :) Look at all those strollers. We were quite the group. :)

I thought this was a perfect picture. Doesn't Ruth look so happy in the middle of all her grandbabies? Did you catch the double meaning in the title?

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