Monday, November 3, 2008

More Disney pages

On our last day at the parks, we went back to Magic Kingdom. Here's a photo I snapped when we were in line for Peter Pan's Flight. I have another similar picture that I took. It's not as good, so I didn't include it, but you can really see Brindy's bright red lips from the slushy she's drinking. :)I thought about including these pictures from the Indy speedway in the page from the first day, but then I decided that it was more fun to show that we rode it more than once. :) During this part of the day, the twins were with Brad and Charles returning our rental car. I'm actually holding Ryder in this picture.
The kids loved It's a Small World, especially Brindy. Ryder, Catie, and Nick liked to wave and say hi to the dolls. :) I think we rode it at least twice, maybe 3 times. Brittany video recorded Brindy's reactions.

I have a million cute photos of Brian and Laura in front of things. They're so photogenic, but the pictures all look the same. They need some kids or something. :)

I took this photo after Ruth and Charles came back from their anniversary dinner at Victoria and Albert. They had a wonderful time! Unfortunately, I took the picture with their camera, and it was so yucky compared to what my camera does that I had to turn the picture black and white in order to be happy with it.

The morning before we left for the cruise we went to a character breakfast in our hotel. Nick loved every minute of it! Catie, Ryder, and Brindy weren't quite so sure. They liked the characters from a distance, and they didn't totally freak out, but you could tell that they weren't so sure about the whole deal. The breakfast was a yummy buffet, by the way. :)

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