Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Clean Windows

Until yesterday, when I looked out my windows, all I could see was this:

The constant blowing sand and humidity without rain had done a number on our windows. What's the point of living in a high-rise if you can't look out the windows? It bothered me to no end that I couldn't clean them myself. (My husband caulked the windows shut, but that's another story.)

It was so funny to see the twins' reaction to the men standing outside our window, cleaning it with a power washer and a mop. They wanted to say hi, but when they'd get close enough that the men could see them (there's some tinting on the windows) they would get scared and run away.

I'm am extremely happy to show you these photos that I was able to take this morning. Unfortunately, as almost always, it's hazy today.

To the left of the building across from us:

To the right of the building across from us:

Just past those buildings is a tiny view of the water. It's easier to see when it isn't so hazy. In other words, we can see it about twice a month. :)

In the interest of honesty, this is the complete view that we see when looking out in this direction:And, this is what we see when we look straight down:
Down and to the left:
I plan to take a lot more pictures of everyday things here in Doha over the next couple months.

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