Saturday, October 25, 2008

The third 2nd birthday party

The twins' Pirate and Princess party was a success. And I, of course, am measuring success by the fact that we only had one small tiff between the toddlers. Here are the asked for pictures:

The treasure chest cake:
The mini princess cakes (there were 4):

My flock of TP parrots:
My lame attempt at pirate hats. The ones we lost were way cooler. :(

The Pirate and the Princess enjoying some coloring pages:

Pretty, pretty princess! (That's Lanny in the background, and me of course. Oh, and Nick.)

Here are the twins' friends:




That sweet little prince is Caleb. I picked him up and he almost immediately went to sleep. That's why most of these pictures were taken by David. Thanks, David!

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Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Hey I ran into Lanny and Laura at Carrefoure yesterday and they RAVED about your party! Good job!! Everything looks adorable, especially considering you lost all your stuff. The cakes are amazing, too!

You have a career in party planning ahead.