Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cindy's Castle

Here's the Cinderella Castle page again because my dad says he can't get it to enlarge and because I changed it a little.

Okay, I have no control over whether or not it will enlarge. I have no idea why it does that. So here are the two funniest pictures. Doesn't Catie look excited? :)

And, Uncle Andy, Nicky is definitely NOT happy to see Cinderella. Actually, he's saying he's tired and hungry and don't take him away from his Mama or tell him no. My favorite part is Ryder sliding down Papa. And, if you can zoom in on Cinderella, check out her smile. Does it look like she has Vaseline on her teeth or what? I've never seen such a fake smile in my life. I think her eyes are saying, "Oh Lord, please get me away from these crabby kids and the crazy people who thought it was a good idea to bring 4 toddlers to this."

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Uncle Andy said...

Hi Erica,
We still can't click on the scrapbook page. I can't tell if Nick is happy to see Cinderella or not.