Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Disney Day 2 and a random story about the twins

First, here's the second page for our dinner at Ohana.

The journaling says: Ohana means family, and that night everyone was our cousin. We ate salad, lots of meat, and bread pudding. Yum! During our dinner we had lots of entertainment: the fireworks at Magic Kingdom, the ukulele player, and the kids' coconut race. At one point, all of the people there for weddings and anniversaries stood up, including Ruth and Charles. They gave advice to the young couple and then they danced.

I have lots of pictures of the kids in their strollers. :)

I don't have many pictures from our day at MGM (Hollywood Studios) and the ones I have aren't very clear. The one in the top corner is us at Playhouse Disney Live. It was one of our favorite experiences of the whole trip. The kids absolutely loved it!

We had dinner that night at the Whispering Canyon restaurant at Fort Wilderness and we drank unlimited refills on milkshakes until our stomachs hurt. :) Here's a two-pager:

This afternoon when I was making the twins' lunch Catie was calling out something that I didn't understand. Since she said it over and over again, I decided to go see what the big deal was. Apparently, Nick thought that Pooh bear had a diaper rash. Both kids had Desitin all over their hands, and Pooh had a generous coat of the sticky white stuff on his shirt. I like to think of it as now we're one step closer to completely baby-proofing the house.

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