Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My mom

A couple nights ago, Brad and I set up my Christmas present. I mean, we can't wait until Christmas to set it up, right? What if there's a problem and we need to return it? Wouldn't that be awful? Ummm...yes. I got a Wii. :) So, Brad and I were testing it out. Just to make sure that nothing was wrong. It works great, by the way. So, we were bowling and in between every turn I was putting dishes in the dishwasher. It's official. I'm becoming my mother. It used to drive me crazy how she couldn't sit still and watch a movie with us. At some point she has to change the laundry or do some ironing or pay the bills. Well, I'm adding one more thing to the list of things that I understand now that I'm a mom.

Speaking of my mom, I just finished this scrapbook page and I'm rather proud of it. It's such a nice picture of my mom it makes me a little sad to look at it. Wish I had seen you one more time before we left the States, Mom, but I'm so glad we'll be seeing you again soon!

Monday, September 29, 2008

A couple more

The beginning

This is only the beginning of the crazy number of scrapbook pages that are to come.

First, I have a page that I made to kind of act as a table of contents for our summer:

I love this picture. :)
I think this page speaks for itself. :)
Here are my brother and sister-in-law with the kids. I just love them. :) So do the kids. Check out Catie trying to be like her Aunt Jenny.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm not dead

Hi. I'm here. :) Here, as in the internet. And here, as in Doha.

I feel like when you have an aquaintance that you can talk to as long as you see them everyday, but when you don't see them for a while nothing feels important enough to bring up. Yeah, I can't think of a thing to say. I'm going to blame it on the jet lag.

Anyway, I just realized as I was typing that last paragraph that I really only came on here to say that I have tons of pictures to share, but I want to make them into scrapbook pages, so you have to wait.

The end. See you later.