Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Word and Birthday Greetings

It's official. Catie is a talker. Her first word is "baby." I'm not really surprised since she loves to play with her baby dolls more than any other toys. It's adorable to see her mothering them, rocking them, kissing them, cradling them, etc., all while saying, "baby, baby, baby." Now that she has one word, I'm hoping that she will be saying more soon. Then, maybe Nicky will learn by example. :) As cute as the grunts, screams, shrieks, and babbling are, I can't wait to be able to really communicate with them.

In addition to that announcement, I also want to say, "Happy Birthday!" to my brother, Andy. We're thanking God for another great year, and hope you have a great day! Sorry that we can't be there to celebrate with you.

While we're on the subject of birthdays, I forgot to acknowledge some other birthdays on here recently, and I want to say something now. Better late than never, right? All of the women in my husband's immediate family have birthdays within like a week and a half of each other at the end of February and beginning of March. So, hope you all had great birthdays, too, Ruth, Brittany, and Laura!

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