Sunday, March 16, 2008

Playing Games

Brad and I pulled out the time-honored vacation game today, Monopoly. Now, living in Qatar, we don't have just any Monopoly game, we have the Monopoly game that most certainly wasn't produced or even authorized by Parker Brothers. It cost about $2.00. Quality stuff. The money is in pounds. We spent the whole game calling the money pounds, dollars, and Riyals. Whatever, as long as we got our money. :) Also notice the properties are London landmarks, and I couldn't resist showing you the bowling Mickey under the stack of chance cards.
Brad and I are poor losers. Actually, to be more precise, we're poor winners. Brad kicked my butt the first game during the twins' nap. Then, I challenged him to a rematch tonight when the twins went to bed, and I won. I won, I won, I won! :)

Nicky, on the other hand, must not have inherited our competitive natures. He did however inherit my tendency to cry spontaneously and uncontrollably when things don't go my way. (Ask my family sometime about BeeZee.)

Here they are sitting nicely on the chair together.

Aren't they cute?
This is where things start to go sour.

And now it's all over for Nicky.

Today, Nicky started a new defense mechanism. When Catie comes up to him while he's playing with a desirable toy, he throws the toy down on the floor immediately and starts crying. He doesn't wait for her to try to take it. After he did this several times with the toy phone, he walked over to their favorite ride-on toy, the Elmo car. Pretty soon, Catie came toddling up and he got up, gave her the car, and started crying. Someone needs to teach that boy how to stand up for himself!


Jennifer said...

Oh that poor baby! I want to pick him up through the screen.

Anonymous said...

Nick sounds like a little girl, interacting with her big brother, who I remember well. I don't have any great solutions (some child psychologist I am, huh?).

Grandma Cindy