Thursday, March 13, 2008

My new pashmina shawls

We bought pashmina shawls for all the women in our immediate families for Christmas last year, and ever since we sent those carefully selected, beautiful shawls away, I've been regretting not buying one for myself. Even more so lately, as it's gotten warmer, I found myself wanting something other than my jacket to cover my shoulders when I go out with a sleeveless shirt. You don't get in trouble for wearing a sleeveless shirt, but you do get a lot of looks. It's more respectful and you get more respect from the locals the more covered up you are. While I don't think it's exactly "right" to cover a woman from head to toe in black, especially when it is a symbol of their lack of freedom, I certainly don't fault them for their modesty, something that many women could use a little more of. But I digress... :) I just wanted to show you some pictures of my new pashminas. Here they are:


Anonymous said...

I love them! Mine has really received a lot of jealous compliments this winter, as I wore mine as a scarf with my coat. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to sign that one--Grandma Cindy