Saturday, March 29, 2008

What Makes Me Happy

I was trying to explain this to Bradley last night, and I'm not sure that he understood. You see, the first few months that the twins and I were here in Doha, I couldn't get them on a schedule. Some days they took two naps, some days they only took a nap in the morning and then were crabby all afternoon, some days they wouldn't take a nap in the morning and then crashed in the afternoon, and some days they wouldn't take a nap at all. On top of that, I had no reason to get out (and no way to get out for a while there, except walking) other than grocery shopping. Well, all that has changed recently. It started with my Wednesday morning Bible study. Because it goes from 9-12, the babies weren't able to take a morning nap on those days, and they did just fine. Then, on Tuesdays during playdates, they got to the point where I didn't have to leave early so that they could nap. We're finally down to one nap a day now. And, since I know that that nap is going to happen in the afternoon, I can schedule things for the morning. This makes me so happy! :) When I tried to explain it to Brad last night, I started off by stating that I hadn't had a schedule. He replied with something to the effect of, "that's your prerogative." But, what I tried to explain was the freedom that comes with a schedule. Now that I know for a fact when the babies will go down for a nap, I have the freedom to do things with them when they aren't napping. Is this making sense to anyone else? I feel like there must be some sort of spiritual metaphor in all of this, but I can't come up with one. :) Just in case you're wondering, here's our new schedule for our mornings:

Monday: grocery shopping/errands
Tuesday: playgroup
Wednesday: Bible study
Thursday: grocery shopping/errands
Friday: hang out at home/church in the afternoon (rest a little before and then nap after)
Saturday: grocery shopping/errands
Sunday: Daddy's day off


Anonymous said...

No spiritual words of wisdom, just want to tell you--YOU ARE YOUR MOTHER'S CHILD! (Isn't that comforting enough!)
Grandma Cindy

Anonymous said...

By the way, we talked this morning, but I didn't get an update on Nicky's last doctor visit? How is the fluid in the ears?
Grandma Cindy

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Totally, totally get what you are saying!! I can remember those days when my world revolved around nap time. It's so nice now that I can just pick up and go whenever since the kids are older.

So, I'm here and very impressed with you doing this with twin toddlers! How on earth do you grocery shop??!???!! I can barely make it with two big kids. What an adventure!

Anonymous said...

I surprised myself by coming across your blog today. You are in our prayers. Glad to hear Brad's celebration went well...presents, dinner out with friends, guests for home made cake, and babies. Life is good!
Aunt Diane