Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An amazing month

We're going to the doctor tomorrow to get Nicky's ears checked again.

Now that that's out of the way, I just want to say what an amazing month this has been in the twins' development. I already told you about the beginnings of empathy I'm seeing in them. Here are some other developements:
--Nick loves to wrestle. When Daddy gets on the ground, Nick runs over and climbs all over him. Unfortunately, he also does the same thing to Catie when she least expects it. :)
--Catie has been learning words like crazy. She now says baby (bay-bee, bay-buh, or bah-bee), brother (buh-ber), uh-oh, ball (baw), yay, mama, and dada. Nick has been using mama appropriately the last couple days. I think it's his first word!
--Catie can pull her hands out of her pajama sleeves without help most of the time. (They always get stuck in those tight long sleeves.) Both of them have started helping when we take their clothes off, and they also help us pull their pants up.
--They started wearing real shoes this month. Before this, they were wearing leather soled slippers. They walk really well in their shoes now and aren't constantly trying to take them off.
--They've started using a spork to eat. They aren't great at it, but they try. :)
--The best part this month, has been the development of their sense of humor. Recently they've been doing things because they are funny. I wish I could remember an exact example, but they crack me up at least ten times a day.

My babies are toddlers!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my. They are getting sooooo big. Joy, joy and joy. What fun!! Smiles and laughter back at you!!! Love and kisses xoxoxoxox