Friday, March 7, 2008

A Fight

Brad and I had a little tiff this afternoon. It all centered around this guy:

Brad's taking his R&R this week and next. Since he used his plane ticket to go home when his grandpa passed away, we've just been hanging out here at home. Anyone who knows Bradley remotely well knows that means we're having a two week long movie fest. So, today we finished watching Notting Hill (my choice), and Brad put in The Mummy (definitely his choice.) About 20 minutes into the movie, Brad pauses it and says, "Do you recognize that guy? He's in Notting Hill. He's the cappuccino shop guy."
I say, "What are you talking about? You don't even see the cappuccino shop."

Brad says, "Yes, you do. And, that's the guy who sells Hugh Grant a cappuccino." He then opens the DVD player and puts Notting Hill back in. Lo and behold, you do see the guy at the coffee shop, and he does look a lot like the guy in The Mummy (the one that dies almost right away, with the bugs crawling inside his skin, gross!). But the idea that it's actually the same guy is a little far-fetched, right?

Brad then fast-forwards to the credits of Notting Hill, but the cappuccino shop guy isn't credited. Then, he puts The Mummy back in and fast-forwards to those credits. He types the name of the Mummy guy into IMDB and, you won't believe this, he is the guy in the coffee shop!
I admit that I was wrong, but I can't let go of the ridiculousness of it all. Don't you think it's a little crazy that Bradley recognized the guy from the two seconds that he was on the screen in Notting Hill? Don't you think he's seen both movies one too many times?


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Hi Erica,

Yes, I think that's the one that he's been going to and likes. They have a women's retreat coming up in May, right? If so, that's the one. I'm thrilled. He loves the worship and the preaching and he sent me a .pdf of the list of small groups. I see there are several women's meetings, including one that's studying Beth Moore, whom I LOVE.

So we leave in about 19 days. There's so much to do!! How did you get it all done with babies? Gosh, I can't imagine. I'm glad that my kids are old enough to be somewhat helpful.

Do you mind if I ask what area you live in? Our home will be off D-Ring Road, near Najma (sp?).

I'm really looking forward to arriving and getting settled in. Hopefully we'll get to meet soon!


Anonymous said...

Brad's grandfather (Charles' Dad) was the say way. He never forgot a face. It is incredible. Charles' dad was big on remembering people's names, too. Maybe he has inherited that characteristic! MOM Herzog