Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, Again!

I wasn't really happy with the Easter page I did, so here's my new one. :) Hope you're having a very happy Easter. Eat an extra piece of ham for me!


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed seeing the twins in their Easter finery! I'm jealous, they got Peeps!

Grandpa and Grandma Brooks are here with me and we have been reading all the latest on the blogs. We had a great Easter celebration at College Church, then a wonderful (traditional) dinner at Lynn's house. Jason and Bibianna were there, as were Ethan and Emily. We had a great time playing with the Wii. Even Grandpa and Grandma took a turn at bowling. Bibi has a very incriminating video and Dad and I boxing! We finished the evening with viewing Shrek III. What a day!

Grandma and Grandpa say Hi to all--wish we could have all been together.

Grandma Cindy

Anonymous said...

Nick and Catie look like they had a great time. It snowed here Easter. So the egg (ball) hunt was held inside. More peeps are on their way. We could have sent hundreds. Target had so many left over. Brad said to keep it reasonable. Jesus Christ is risen today!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox We share that together no matter where we are. Love Grammie