Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Twins

Nicky update: He's been on the medicine for a week tomorrow. No major miracles, but I think he's gotten a little more responsive when we call his name. He's been unusually crabby this week. We don't know if it's the medicine, or if his ears are clearing up and it's weird for him, or if it's totally unrelated. He cried when we left them with a sitter (one they've had before) on Saturday night and when I left him at the church nursery this morning (he's been going there twice a week for 6 weeks now.) That's very unusual.
Some Catie cuteness: Here are some pictures of Catie's favorite thing to do when we leave the stroller set up. We try to fold it up and put it away when we get home, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. Oh, and I was getting the twins ready for a bath; that's why she doesn't have any clothes on. :)

And, here's a new scrapbook page that I made today:

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