Monday, March 10, 2008

Doha Zoo

The weather has been so nice lately, with highs in the mid-80's, so this morning we decided to go to the Zoo. When we got there, we thought we would be the only ones. The parking lot was completely empty, except for a couple small buses. Actually, there were only a few kids and a couple adults in the whole place besides the zoo workers. It's the greenest place I've seen in Doha, and the huge trees and large areas of grass alone were worth the 14 Riyal (less than $4) we paid for two adults and two kids. There is a respectable amount of animals there. I'd say it's slightly larger than the Bloomington, IL, Zoo that we visited last summer. The best part is how close you can get to the animals. Unfortunately, that also meant that there was lots of fencing that was hard to photograph through. I got a few good shots, though. I especially enjoyed the ostriches that came all the way up to the fence and interacted with us (I was glad the fence was there though), and the zebras were pretty impressive. Each time we go to the zoo the twins are more and more interested in the animals. This time we didn't even have to point out where the animals were or tell them to look. They especially liked the little monkeys who climbed on the cage right in front of us. I think their favorite part, though, was the popcorn from the snack shop. :) Overall, it was a nice little excursion and we'll probably go back again before the weather gets too much hotter.

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Anonymous said...

Our weather is starting to get warmer. We long to get outside. So good to hear that you have that possibility. The zoo is one of my favorite places to visit. I was imagining the babies reaction to the animals. It would be so much fun to watch them. Thanks for sharing the zoo visit. Love MOM Herzog