Monday, January 5, 2009

We interrupt the program in progress for some cuteness

It's amazing how different Catie and Nick are. I was reminded of that today again. It's easy to see that Catie is smart. Today, she picked up one of the dog leashes and called out, "Puppies, wanna go outside? Boys! Fritz!" Then, when Fritz came near her, she would thrust the leash at him, and couldn't figure out why he ran away. After a beat, I got him to come back to us, and I put both of the dogs out. Catie was so pleased with herself. It's harder to see how smart Nick is since he isn't as verbal as his sister, but sometimes he'll knock my socks off. For instance, today he dumped the pieces from 3 wooden puzzles together; then, he would pick a piece up, glance at it, take it straight to the board that it belonged on, and popped it in place just like that. Ruth and I went down to the basement after that to search for some harder puzzles. He already has the first one almost mastered. I am so proud of both of them.

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