Saturday, January 3, 2009

Toronto: Part 1, or why I hate Chicago's O'Hare Airport

We needed to get out of the country for tax reasons, and any sane person would say, "Hey, this is a great chance to go somewhere warm and sunny." But, are we sane? Apparently not. We chose Toronto. We were joking about it before we left, but the talk took a serious turn when our 8:30 pm flight out of O'Hare was cancelled due to fog. We coughed up the $57 cab fare to my parents' house (who, incidently, were out of town for the weekend) and spent the night in the relative comfort of my dad's pajamas. The next morning, we took another cab (goodbye $50) back to the airport at 6 am, with plenty of time before our 8:30 am flight, which was cancelled. We spent the rest of the day on standby lists, only to finally leave 24 hours late on the 5 pm flight, which actually left at 8:30 pm.

Our luck finally changed when we reached Toronto. No problems in customs. Easy time finding a cab. And our hotel was great. Check out these rack rates:
And, because I think a good deal is only good if you brag about it to everyone you know, I don't mind telling you that I Pricelined our room for $50 a night. :)

More to follow... I can hear Nicky jumping up and down in his crib.

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Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Ok, first, do you know how rich you sound saying you need to get out of the country for tax purposes?!?!? Excuse me, Mrs. Trump!!

Secondly, do you think it's time for me to take your cell phone number off my speed dial? :::sniff:::