Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We're here to stay.

Well, we're here in Doha to stay, at least for the next year, that is. Some of you may have heard that Brad was offered a job in Abu Dhabi within his company. However, since Abu Dhabi is a nicer place to live, the compensation package wasn't as nice. They've been going back and forth trying to figure out if they can get him there without putting too big of a dent in our pocketbook. Surprisingly, I've been biting my nails the whole time because I don't want to go. Can you believe I don't want to leave Doha? What's the matter with me? Well, for one, I've been making some really good friends here. And, I love my women's Bible study. And, drumroll please, I just accepted a position as the Mothers of Preschoolers Coordinator at our church. On top of that, we already have some great trips planned for this summer that wouldn't be possible if we moved. So, God definitively closed that door today, and I'm thankful. Maybe Doha has nothing to do at all. Maybe Doha is a dirty, sandy, dusty, hot, crowded, construction-ridden, ugly town. Maybe we're 7500 miles from home. But, Doha has become a home away from home, and I'm glad we're staying.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you guys are really making a home there. That is wonderful! And you will make a wonderful coordinator for your church! They will have the best activities EVER!!

We just bought a house--signed the contract this morning, in fact. It looks like we are in our own ugly town of Joliet to stay! (It really isn't that ugly. But it isn't exactly classy, either.)