Monday, April 7, 2008

A Trip to the Beach

We drove a little ways out of town yesterday to Sealine Resort for a day at the beach. We started out at the kiddie pool. Even though the twins were in their floats, they could still touch the bottom and walk around. Nick thought it was alright, but Catie didn't want anything to do with it. (This is the same little girl who hardly ever sits down in the bathtub.) So, we moved out to the beach. They loved playing in the sand! We fed them lunch out on the beach and then went home for a bath. In a typical mommy move, I slathered the twins in sunscreen, kept them in the shade, but forgot to put sunscreen on my own shoulders. I'm feeling it today, but looking forward to a little bit of tan once the pain is gone. :)

Some pictures that didn't end up in the scrapbook:

Bedouin camels on the beach. You could pay 20 Riyal ($5) to ride them. Maybe next time... we'll definitely be coming back.

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Anonymous said...

What great fun! I really, really wish I had been with you! There is something about the pictures I don't understand: In the family picture, Brad is in short sleeves (not unusual no matter the temp and Nick is in a sleeveless top. But, Catie has on a sweat jacket and you have on a long-sleeved black shirt. So what was the temperature????
Did Brad get his presents from us? We haven't heard if they arrived or not.
Thanks for the pictures; the family one at the beach is now our wallpaper on the desktop.
I am very excited about you and the twins being with us for a good deal of the summer. There are alot of new things to experience in Chicago. Unfortunately, I will have to work, but Dad can have the fun of full-time Grandpa (at least for a little while until he finds a job).
They had my birthday breakfast at work this morning--ham, cheese, and broccoli quiche and angel food cake with fresh raspberries, blueberries, and fat-free cool whip. Do they know me, or what???
Amanda's twins are so adorable. Their JC Penneys pictures remind so much of Catie and Nick's first pictures. They slept through the entire time.
Is it rude to type a whole letter when you are making comments on blog entries? I don't know blog etiquette yet. I guess I had better not say anything that I wouldn't want everyone on the www to know, huh?
I better get to work.
Love you all,
Grandma Cindy