Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Over and under

Catie is a climber. If I take my eyes off her for a minute, she's suddenly on top of something. It started with the Elmo car, the one featured in one my recent scrapbook pages which is also very annoying for other reasons. (Elmo is cute, but you can have a little too much Elmo voice especially when he doesn't have volume control.) She would use the Elmo car to get up onto the couch. Now, she's allowed on the couch, but the problem comes in when she uses the couch to get to the "forbidden" things on the side table, like the remote and Mommy's book. Recently, she used the Elmo car to get onto an extra chair by the TV stand, and I found her happily swinging the lamp cord. Two days ago, she found a new use for the wet wipes box, which she used to give her a boost onto the coffee table. This is the same coffee table that you have to pick up in order to move because if you don't the legs end up crooked. I found her there, standing in the exact middle, looking pleased as could be. If I hadn't been so frightened and hadn't felt the need to impart to her the seriousness of what she had done, I would have taken a picture, but I will always remember the way she looked standing there so proud of herself.

Nick, on the other hand, is a tunneler. His new favorite pasttime is hiding under the dining room table. The table has a cross piece between the two legs which he likes to straddle. Maybe he's pretending to ride a horse. :) Wish I could get into that little brain of his. I snapped this picture yesterday when I found him underneath the arm chair, his other favorite spot.

I'm tempted to write a paragraph here about how their respective methods of playing reflect their emerging personalities, but I'll spare you. :)

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Bec said...

Cute memories to journal, what fun... well other than when it scares Mommy.