Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Brad!

Today is my husband's birthday! We opened his presents last night because he already knew what they were and I couldn't get him to wait any longer. :) Tonight, we're getting a babysitter and going out to his favorite restaurant here in Doha with a group from work. Then, we're inviting everyone over for the chocolate cake that I made and icecream. The babies made him some fingerpainted cards yesterday and I printed pictures of them painting and pasted them onto the cards.

It took Nick a few minutes to get into it, but then he loved it! Catie, on the other hand, never really got into it at all. I upset her when I told her not to put her hands in her mouth. And then she was really upset, because that's how she comforts herself. I was able to get her calmed down enough to get a half-way smiling picture, and then we washed her off.


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Too funny!! It's my husband's birthday too! Although I haven't pulled things together enough to do much for him. I bought all these ingredients to make him his favorite cake, but can't get my oven to light. We pretty much spent the day going to church (loved it, btw) and working on the house. I ended up buying a huge brownie (but couldn't find candles to put on it) and making him one of his favorite meals.

Happy birthday to your hubby!! Sounds like you had a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Was there any paint on the paper or just on the kids. What a great idea. Happy Birthday.
Love ya, MOM and DAD

Anonymous said...

I don't like my hands dirty either, Catie!
Grandma Cindy