Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness

Catie is in love with wet wipes. Everytime she gets her diaper changed, she tries to grab as many as she can out of the box. When the diaper change is over, I sometimes let her keep one. She starts with her hands, wiping them carefully. Then, in her cute toddler way, she wipes her chubby little arms. The face gets a good wipe too. Then, we're on to furniture. Everything gets a little wipe or two. By this time, the wipe is looking pathetic, but Catie doesn't care. She'll carry it around for an hour. Pretty impressive for a little girl with an attention span of about 5 minutes. The other day, Brad asked why he keeps finding wet wipes in Catie's crib. :)

A little bit of family news:
1. My back is getting much better. I ordered a memory foam mattress topper, but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm still sleeping on the couch because I can't get comfortable in our bed.

2. We're going on a trip to Egypt next week. I'm getting really excited! I'll be sharing lots about our trip when we come back. :)


Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear you aren't sleeping well. That stinks. I can't wait to hear about Egypt. How interesting.

Anonymous said...

I remember when you used to be a cleaner like that--then you grew up! :-)

We had a good trip to KC this weekend. Grandma's birthday party was well-attended. I'm not sure anyone kept a count, but I served about 80 pieces of cake. I'm sure some didn't eat cake, so maybe we can just say that there were 88 people at the party. Wouldn't that be something--88 people at the 88th birthday party! Pamela, Scott, and Lynn were the only grandkids who were able to attend and, of course, no great grandkids were there. But the great grandkids got their pictures on the table by the sign-in books--they were the only ones. What do you think about that?!?

Glad your back is better, but it is hard to believe that a couch is more comfortable than a bed.

Couple from Alabama did not make a decision yet about which house to buy. She went back to AL on Sunday with videos and estimates for the additional deck and room in the basement. The realtor says he should hear from them today. We are still praying and hoping.