Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm a green golden retriever

What is so fascinating to us about personality tests? Or IQ tests? Or those silly memes that bloggers do where they answer random questions about themselves?

For some reason lately, I've been taking a lot of tests, not on my own but by others' suggestion. I recently took two tests to find my spiritual gift. (One test said it was Exhortation and Shepherding, the other had a lot more options and it came out as Hospitality, Administration, and Words of Wisdom.) I know God gives us all gifts to use to further his kingdom, but I'm pretty sure anything that furthers his kingdom will be done in his strength, not mine. Anyway, it's still good to have my eyes open so that I can see how he's working in and through me.

Even more fascinating to me, though, was the personality test I took today. I'm a little wary of a test that only has four personality types, but that silly thing nailed me. I'm not a natural leader, yet God is calling me again to lead. Would you pray for me these next few weeks as we begin a new session in our women's Bible study? I need to lay down my insecurities and let God work, and I covet your prayers.

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