Thursday, January 7, 2010

Catie's "Inner Mommy" is nicer than me

So, we were going to have a party this weekend, but nobody can come so we've cancelled. (That's okay; I was starting to stress a little bit about it.) But, I didn't know we were going to cancel this morning when I made a large batch of Cranberry Orange Chex Mix.*

Catie and Nick are eager to "help," so we pull up their stools and I try to think of things they could do without hurting themselves or making me crazy. When I pull out the cereal, Catie remembers helping me make Cherry Cookies for Christmas and starts crunching them. (The recipe for Cherry Cookies includes crushed rice chex.)

"No, no, Catie," I say. "We don't crunch the cereal for this recipe."

"Oh," she replies and sneaks in one more crunch.

I give her another, sterner warning and she resists the urge to crunch again.

I turn around to get the butter out of the microwave, and I hear her say in her Mommy voice, "You want me to get some more cereal so you can crunch it? Okay, I'll get you some more."

Her "Inner Mommy" is so much nicer than me sometimes.

*This is absolutely delicious! I made a few changes, though. I used a box of Crispix so that I don't have to buy multiple boxes. It was 12 cups, so I also added a couple cups of stick pretzels and doubled the "sauce."

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Kristine said...

But she learned her inner mommy voice from the good mommy that she has! I'm going to try that recipe, with a few minor changes Karina can eat it!