Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An early birthday party

The day started with a charity walk. Mom and I took the twins in the strollers and walked 2 1/2 miles to support The Bridge. Afterword, we picked Dad up and met Andy and Jenny at Portrait Innovations for a photo session with the grandparents and grandkids. I'll post those as soon as I figure out where the pictures went when I downloaded them to my computer.

Let the celebration begin! We went to The Rainforest Cafe for expensive cheeseburgers (veggie for Andy and Jen, of course.) Grandpa got lots of hugs from Catie when the gorillas started making noise. Nick thought it was so much fun! He was fascinated by all the animals. But not too fascinated to eat 4 chicken nuggets, an adult-sized portion of fries, AND his complimentary 2 scoop birthday sundae.

After a nap, Nick and Catie woke up to a birthday party! I chose a Sesame Street theme, which they loved. (The next day, when I got Nick up, he immediately asked for a birthday party.) My cousin Ethan and his wife Emily came with their nephew who is just a couple months older than Catie and Nick. We were disappointed that Grandpa and Grandma Herzog weren't able to come, though.

For dinner we had homemade pizza and salad. And for dessert we had cake, ice cream, and brownie bites. Yum!

Catie and Nick got some great presents including fun socks, a remote controlled Lightening McQueen car, princess dolls, puzzles, cute outfits, and a handmade tent (made by Emily.)

The twins are going to be disappointed when they find out that birthdays usually only come once a year!

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Emily said...

The party was great. Thanks for letting us bring George.