Monday, September 28, 2009

Apple Picking

Last Saturday we headed out to the Wisconsin border to The Royal Oak Farm Orchard to pick some apples. The weather wasn't promising, but it turned out to be a beautiful day. We ate a yummy and filling lunch at the restaurant (including an apple dumpling) before we headed out to the orchard, wondering if we would be able to try any apples while we were picking since our bellies were so full, but we needn't have worried. :)

The tractor was a little scary, but Catie soon loosened up and enjoyed the ride.

Nick, on the other hand, wouldn't sit on my lap because he was too excited about sitting on his own on the bench. (He's behind my dad in this picture.)
Yum! What's better than an apple that you picked yourself?

Catie likes to take little bites all over the apple. :)
Grandpa and Aunt Jenny entertained the kids while we were waiting for the tractor.

You might have noticed that Wesley was crying in the tractor picture. He soon took a little nap in the fresh air.
We had to rent a wagon to carry all those apples.

Then we picked out a few pumpkins.

The farm also had a petting zoo, a playground, train rides, an orchard tour, and a carousel.
Here's Catie telling the goats to "get down!" just like Grandma and Grandpa Herzog's puppies.
Nick loved feeding the little goats.

They both ran around singing, "Old Mc farmer had a farm. EIEIO!" What a fun day!

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