Friday, October 16, 2009

Finding Home

Well, I've been in Richland for 6 days, and I feel like I'm already starting to find my place here. First of all, praise the Lord for internet. Isn't it wonderful? I felt so disconnected. (Pun intended.)

On Tuesday morning, I joined a Bible study at the church that Brad picked out. I think he made an excellent choice, and I know I'm going to enjoy the Bible study group. There are about 250 ladies who attend, and then we split up into small groups. I love it!

We've been out with the realtor twice this week looking at houses, and I think we've found "the one." It's a rambler with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. We love the layout and the backyard. The only drawback is the flooring, but we think if we can get it for the price we want we'll just replace it all right away. We're getting very excited about that!

This morning we had the twins with us when we were house hunting, so during lunch we were talking about the different houses, and I asked Catie which one was her favorite. "Grandma's house," she said. Too cute!

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Kristine said...

I'm glad things are coming together so fast for you in your new town!