Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Catie and Nick!

Yesterday was Catie and Nick's 3rd birthday. I had big plans for a fun day, but they both have bad coughs so I decided it was best to spend the morning at home.

After naps when Daddy came home, we revealed their big gifts, two giant stuffed animals from us and a spring horse from Grandma and Grandpa Herzog. (Remember my side of the family had a party last month.)

Brad and I have been craving mediocre pizza and crazy children, so we went to Chuck E Cheese. (Just kidding--most of the time I enjoy Chuck E Cheese almost as much as the kids.)

When we got home we enjoyed some cake and ice cream. (I bought this cake from Walmart and I'm not ashamed to say that a major part of my decision was the cool platter it's on.)
Grandma and Grandpa also sent cowboy and girl outfits for them to wear on their new horse. Catie wanted to wear it all night.
Nick started out delicately eating his icing with a fork.

But soon, he looked like this. (Sorry for the out of focus picture. I couldn't get him to look up from the cupcake.)

In other news, the people wouldn't budge on their house price, and we're just too far apart. (The comps are on our side.) So, we're going to look at another house for a second time this morning and probably make an offer on it today.

I've finished another scarf, this time one for me. This one is the most complicated I've made so far. I'm really proud of how straight and even it is. Brad's is next!


Anonymous said...

Guess what EVERYONE is getting for Christmas?

Emily said...

That scarf is beautiful!