Monday, May 18, 2009

Making Work at Home Work

Book Summary: If you're struggling to balance your home business and your family, you're not alone. Mary Byers has been where you are and shows that it can be done! She will challenge you to face important questions, such as: How do I fit my business into my family life? How much income is enough? What are my priorities?

She'll also teach you how to:

~schedule your time effectively
~manage your business expenses
~know when and how to take a break
~avoid strain on your relationships
~arrange effective child care when needed
~plan for the future and retirement
~work smarter and make more

Whether you're a small business owner or work in direct sales, home business success is a reality! Keep your professional and personal lives in harmony with Making Work at Home Work.

About the Author: Mary M. Byers successfully juggles both a freelance corporate writing and speaking business and her responsibilities as a wife and mother of two school-aged children. She is the author of The Mother Load: How to Meet Your Own Needs While Caring for Your Family and How to Say No . . . And Live to Tell about It.

My Review: When I got this book, I thought it would have nothing to say to me. I was wrong.

Just thinking about women who spend their days at home with their children and working, convicted me about how much time I waste during the day. I was encouraged to think again about keeping the house and raising my kids as a job. I know it is my calling in this season of my life.

That being said, I found the book incredibly interesting and well-written. Working at home isn't as easy as it sounds, and this book provides lots of helpful, specific advice. If I were working at home, I'm sure that it would be an excellent resource and source of encouragement. If you know a work-at-home mom (at-home CEO, I mean) this book would be a wonderful gift. In fact, as soon as I finish this review, I'm passing my copy along to a mom I know who could use some encouragement.

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