Monday, May 18, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

We had a neighborhood garage sale this Saturday. We gathered together some of the things we had in various piles around the house waiting to go to Goodwill, and set up a small sale. We also invited our friends, David and Kristine, to add their stuff too. We made (drumroll, please).... $128. If we hadn't had such a fun time we might have said it wasn't worth it. Everyone knows that shopping is way more fun than selling; look at the finds from our neighbors' sales!

This first find shows you the importance of getting out of the car, or walking up the sidewalk a little farther in our case, as this sale didn't look too promising, but they had a jogging stroller, so we thought they might have other kids' stuff. Well, we spotted this scrapbook bag right away because Kristine's been pining for one. When the woman said $5, we couldn't pay her fast enough.

Crop-In-Syle Navigator scrapbook bag: Retails $100, Our price $5

At the same sale, I found this brand new camp chair for Nicky.

Buzz Lightyear camp chair: Retail $29.99, Our price $3

At another sale, I spotted this for Bradley.

Craftsman nail and screw organizer: Retail $40, Our price $5

My next-door neighbor had a basket full of papercrafting supplies. I resisted buying the whole thing.
Cardmaking supplies: Retail $35, Our price $6

My personal favorite find:

Brand new Tonka steel dump truck: Retail $30, Our price $5

What a great way to spend a beautiful morning: get rid of some junk, make some money, spend time outdoors, enjoy our friends. Happy Garage Sale Season!

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