Saturday, May 2, 2009

An announcement, an embarrassing photo, and an outing

The announcement: I am the mother of twin toddlers. I know, it's shocking. I'm having a little trouble getting around to thinking of blog topics. So, in the future, I will take as long as I want in between blog posts without feeling guilty and/or apologizing for how long it's been.

The embarrassing photo: Lately, Catie is very interested in dressing herself, and she takes her own sweet time doing it. I have to entice her by saying things like, "Catie, do you think you can put your own pants on? You're such a big girl." On this particular day I thought to myself, "Hey, while she's running around without pants, I might as well see if she'll go on the potty." She decided to give it a go, and then asked for a book. (Like father, like daughter.) I couldn't resist. This is so going on my list of photos to show her future boyfriends.
The outing: Today we had our first picnic of the season. Lots of friends came to celebrate Christine's birthday like they do every year at Bird Creek. We ate hot dogs and all that other good campfire food. The kids had a great time running around, and I was reminded how little opportunity they have to play in open spaces. Now that they're getting older, and the weather is warmer, we'll have to remedy that.

This is the only shot I took of the scenery, but isn't it beautiful? Sorry it isn't so clear, but on the other side of the trees is Turn-again arm and then a mountain range.
Catie and Nick had great fun picking up the pine cones.

Here's Nick relaxing by the campfire.

We did learn a lesson, however. No matter how much fun everyone is having, skipping nap time is not an option in this family right now.

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos. Is Nick looking for something to read too?