Sunday, May 10, 2009

In the Garden (Well, outside our front door)

"Those are moose tracks," Brad casually says.

"What are?"

"Those tracks next to our house."

"You mean the tracks that I assumed belonged to our neighbor? The ones right next to our house?"

"Yes, those."


Hopefully, he wasn't coming to eat our brand new flowers.


Wax begonias
Marigolds are supposed to keep the deer away. Maybe they work on moose too?

Marigolds and Spearmint

Strawberries and more Marigolds

We put pansies and violas in a window box planter on our back porch.
I have a hard time looking at pansies without imagining little faces on them.

Look, it's a mommy and baby.

1 comment:

Uncle Andy said...

Are you sure those aren't moose print shoes? Picture of the moose or it didn't happen! Pretty flowers.