Thursday, December 18, 2008

Productivity, Santa Claus, and other random things

First, I must begin with the sad tale of my gingerbread house. As I mentioned, I wasn't particularly happy with it to begin with. The candy was too modern and it didn't allow for much creativity. So, on Sunday when half of the roof fell off and the other half fell off when I touched it, I was disappointed, but not really. We tried the gingerbread. It was nasty. And we sent it into the trashcan. So, on Monday, when I spotted this adorable little gingerbread kit for $2.99 at Michaels, I decided to give it one more try. I don't think we'll be eating this one; it's basically a big sugar cube. But, I love the little wreath and the tree. While I was at Michaels, I spotted this project. Since stores seem to be determined to sell all their Christmas stuff before Christmas, it was 50% off, which made it $3.99. Of course, I had to spend $4 on paint, $2 on a set of brushes, and $2 for a gold pen. :) It was supposed to keep me busy this week (ie help me in my pursuit to put off writing Christmas cards as long as possible), however, I had so much fun painting it, that I think I finished it in about 3 hours.
Something else it felt like I was putting off was going to see Santa. Really, though, I have good excuses. The second time we went to see him, he was going on break and we would have had to wait at least an hour in line. The third time we went the line was so long it was completely out of the queue and down the hall. So, on Monday morning, when it was so cold and icy that no one in their right mind would go to the mall, we visited Santa with only one kid in line in front of us. This is the result:

The photographer asked if we wanted to come back. I said, "This is our second time coming back. I'm going to buy this terrible photo and in 20 years we're going to laugh like crazy." I think he thought I was crazy now.
In other news, I couldn't put off my Christmas cards any longer, and they're almost ready to send. I just have to pick up the twins pictures from Penney's today. I'm not including a letter this year, because I feel like this blog is a year-long Christmas letter. Instead I'll post a year in review sometime soon on here. :)
Brad will be here Sunday afternoon. I'll try to keep up with the blog in the next few weeks, but no promises. :)

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