Wednesday, December 10, 2008

God's timing is perfect*

*This is exactly the same as the email that I sent out, but I wanted to post it on here too, just in case.

Wouldn't it be nice if God's timing wasn't so just in the nick of time? I'd love it if he could be early once in a while. This fall, soon after we came back to Doha after our trip to the States, we found out that Brad wasn't going to be able to stay in Doha until the spring like we had planned. It wasn't our choice, and it was difficult to leave, especially for me since it meant that I had to leave the MOPS year unfinished. We had no idea where we were going to go next, and we were watching news reports out of the US about the terrible economy and all the people who were losing jobs. We wondered at the timing of it, coming back into the US now when life outside the US was looking so much more stable. Brad applied for many jobs, but news was slow, and much of it was not good. He was too qualified; he was not qualified enough. Through it all, we hoped and dreamed of the long-term oil job in Anchorage, Alaska. When Brad and I were dating, Brad lived in Anchorage and loved it. I went to visit him one summer and loved it too. We've always talked about moving there someday. The days and weeks dragged on and we never heard a word from the Anchorage job. So, when it was getting down to the wire, we were offered a TDY position in Abu Dhabi. I should say, Brad was offered the position. It wouldn't be family status, which would mean that I would have to stay with my parents during this time, and maybe they would let him bring his family over after the 3 months were over if they wanted him to stay. Brad verbally accepted, and we were relieved to have a job. The next day, he got a call from Anchorage asking for an interview. We thought maybe Brad would still go to Abu Dhabi for three months and then we would move to Alaska. With a heavy heart, I flew to Chicago with my parents and the twins, knowing that Brad and I would be separated this Christmas. Two days ago, Brad received his assignment letter/contract from Abu Dhabi, but he didn't sign it. Yesterday, he had his interview, and they want him mid-January. Sooo.... Brad is coming home on December 21st, we'll spend a couple weeks with family, and then we'll move to Anchorage. In the middle of the winter. :) This whole experience has been a test of my faith. Is the growth that I experienced in Doha real and lasting? I pray that the Lord has found us faithful. I know that He has been faithful to us.


Monica @ Writer Chic said...

I bounced over from the Nester's garland party, and have found myself fascinated by your story. Anchorage? How exciting! I'm looking forward to reading more -- and ps, your twins are ADORABLE and you did a great job on your parents' home!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica,
My name is Melissa and I found your blog through BabyCenter in the scrapbooking thread. I liked your work and checked out your blog. I check it every now and then. Anyway I live in Alaska, in Wasilla which is just out of Anchorage. I was mostly writing to tell you that Wasilla is a great place to live and lots of people live here and commute to Anchorage. We have a wonderful MOPS out here as well. I hope you dont think its weird that I'm writing to you...if you wanted to write back my email is with any questions you might have about Alaska.