Thursday, November 6, 2008

43 down, 10 to go

Our first stop on our Disney cruise was Nasau. We went out after breakfast for a little shopping in town. We really didn't spend much time, but it was fun. Actually, although it was different than shopping in the US, it was way more relaxed than shopping in the souqs, especially the souqs that we visited in Egypt. I bought an embroidered table cloth and napkins and Brad bought a t-shirt.
After lunch, we went with Britt and her kids and Charles on a shore excursion to the Ardastra Zoo and Gardens. I explained a little on these pages, but really, it wasn't much of a zoo. After that, we rode around town a little on a guided tour. I thought that part was really interesting, but the kids were pretty tired.

Ruth and Rusty went on a different shore excursion for a dolphin encounter. I was jealous when I found out how much time they were able to spend with the dolphins. They have a DVD of their time there and it looks like so much fun.

That night, we had our Pirates IN the Caribbean party. Catie and Brindy were dressed like Tinker Bell and Nick and Ryder were our little pirates. Fun!

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