Monday, November 10, 2008

Desert, not Dessert

I have to admit, before we left for our desert safari on Saturday morning, I was wondering why I was willingly putting myself in the hands of someone who was going to drive as wildly as possible over sand dunes in an easily tipped SUV. And, I was paying him to do it.
We met at the Sheraton hotel downtown, not too far from our apartment. We went with some families from Grace Fellowship and the conference speakers who are here this week, Tom and Kim Blackaby.
I was really feeling silly for doing this when my bottom was hurting after our 30 minute drive through the city to the start of the dunes.

Duning is a major past time around here, so of course, there are some tourist traps (ie camel rides) at the start. We didn't ride, but some people in our group did, so we spent a little time looking at the ugly things.

This was my view for the next hour or so.

We did this. A lot.

And we saw this (the Persian gulf)

Our vehicles and drivers (they're sitting in the sand in front of the second to left car.)

My only comment on this photo is that the wind was making some unflattering shapes with my loose shirt and pants. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
The land across the way is Saudi Arabia.

This is where we ended up. We ate a traditional Arabic lunch and hung out on the beach for a little while. All in all, except for the scary driving (which actually was pretty tame, I only screamed 5 or 6 times), it was a very relaxing day.

After the ride, this is where Brad ended up. Even sitting in the front seat, he was feeling it.

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