Saturday, May 24, 2008

The VIP Treatment

Brad and I had a date last night, and, unlike our last date night (my birthday), this was his night. We went to City Centre, where, of course, it was crazy because everyone goes out on Friday night, so we parked in our favorite illegal parking spot because there were no open spots and everyone was driving around honking at each other. After parking, we went to Nando's, a restaurant that he's been wanting to try, but I wouldn't go with the kids our first time. The place is intriguing because the seating is open to the mall and you can see everyone eating off these huge metal kabob skewers hanging on stands over plates full of rice and veggies. We ordered a Mediterranean salad, hummus, and one of those fascinating plates with the huge kabobs (that's not what they called them but I can't remember now.) It was all delicious, but the meat was super spicy. When we go to Applebee's or Chili's here and order something spicy, like chicken wings, they always say, "That's spicy," and we say, "That's fine," because, really, it's not that spicy. But, we should have listened to them at Nando's! Afterward, we had some time before our movie, so we went to look for guns, water guns that is, for something that's going on at Brad's work sometime soon. That took us about all the time that we had because it is difficult to even walk around in that place on Friday night. We went to see Indiana Jones, and since we knew it would be a popular movie and because Brad's been wanting to do this, we bought tickets for the VIP Gold theater. They cost 100 Riyals (about $25.) Brad says it's worth it to do once for the experience, I say, save your money. :) This is what sets the VIP theater apart: only about 40 seats in the whole theater, the large, Lazy-boy type seats that recline, the tables in between the seats, the private bathrooms in the back of the theater, and a waitress to run out and get you snacks. Fun, yes. Worth it, uh, not really. As far as the movie goes, if you haven't seen it yet, I don't want to spoil it for you, so I'll just say that the premise was strange. I rank it third in the series, just above Temple of Doom, but far below The Last Crusade. We were discussing this as we came back out to our car, only to find that we had a sticker on the window. Parking ticket! It's in Arabic, so we have to wait for it to get posted to the website to find out how much it cost. It may have been a much more expensive date night than we anticipated!

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