Monday, May 26, 2008

19 Month Pictures

We took the twins in on Sunday to get their pictures taken. I meant to go when they were 18 months, but I took a little too long to decide where to go. So, we have 19 month photos. I don't think they've changed too much in the last week since they turned 19 months. :)

It was an interesting experience, starting with the name of the studio, QatShoot (pronounced Cat-Shoot) which sounds a lot like a sneeze. These people aren't the smartest. First, she showed us the backgrounds, all of which were these painted canvases. Let me tell you, the Arabian tastes certainly run differently than the Americans'. We settled on a nice park scene that coordinated with their outfits. :) Then, the assistant pulled out an old fashioned baby carriage. Toddlers in a baby carriage! Yeah, that didn't go over so well. While Catie was getting over her temper tantrum, Nicky had a blast stomping around on the furry rug they put down. Speaking of the furry rug, I had to ask for the cream one, because she picked up a bright blue one first. Nick thought it was great fun under his feet, and that was only enhanced by us laughing and calling his name to get him to look up. Catie never completely came around, but with Baby in her arms, she knew what to do for the camera. What a ham!
After we got a few shots of Catie alone, we put down the wriggling Nick so that he could stomp on the rug a little more.

We weren't sure if we got the shots or not, so they suggested the fake stairs, which of course meant that we had to change the background since stairs don't belong in a park. By this time, Catie had hit her stride. She knew exactly what was going on, and she was having a good old time getting all the attention she could ever want by just sitting and looking cute. Nick, on the other hand, was in full play mode. We never got any good pictures of him on the steps because he was so busy climbing up and down. We even turned the stairs around so that we could see his face as he climbed, but those came out silly looking.

We chose our favorites and went up to the counter to choose sizes and pay. I couldn't believe what they wanted for each picture, knowing that this is a one hour place which means they aren't sending them out for quality printing. If we had bought wallets for everyone, just wallets alone would have cost us $250. That's dollars, not Riyals. So, we (I) decided that we would just buy 5X7's (Five 5X7's cost us $75) and then scan them in. Well, my scanner here is not so good. I played with them, but they still look terrible, especially the ones of Catie standing and the one of both of them together. Soon, I'll be back in America with my nice scanner, and I'll be able to get better copies. Soon....

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