Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pharoah's Revenge

It all started Tuesday when we got back. We decided to go out for some normal food (aka McDonalds) and then grocery shopping to fill up the empty refrigerator. Halfway through the produce section I heard Nick cough and then sneeze. I looked down to say "bless you" and saw that he had thrown up all over himself. We cleaned him up as best we could and checked out. When we got back to the apartment parking garage, he threw up twice all over himself and his carseat. I ran up stairs with him and the entire carseat, started the bathwater, cleaned him up a little, took off his clothes and threw him in the bath. He threw up one more time that night in bed before Brad and I went to bed. Wednesday he seemed to be fine. Yesterday, Brad and I woke up with upset stomachs. We spent the whole day puking and sitting on the toilet. Catie joined us about halfway through the day. We had a horrible night last night, too. I think I was up about 5 times for one thing or another. This morning we all seem to be a little better. The kids are eating and our stomachs have settled.

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