Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nick Update and More Cuteness

I took Nick to the doctor yesterday for a checkup. It looks like the fluid in his ears has gone away again. The doctor and I aren't convinced that that is the problem, but she's referred us to another ENT to get his opinion. She also gave me a referral to a speech therapist.

I'm starting to feel more and more that he's just waiting until he feels like it to talk. Last week I asked him if he wanted his diaper changed and he said "no" and ran away. I'm not surprised that the first meaningful word he used was "no," because even though he's the sweetest little boy ever, he still knows how to tell us what he wants, even without words.

Catie, as always, is more willing to try doing things that she doesn't quite have down yet. Her new favorite song is the ABC's. She sings right along, even though there are no discernible letters in her version. Also, I like to count when we go up on the elevator. I put out my fingers and count as we go up the floors. When we get to ten, I say, "10! Yay, 10! We live on 10!" Catie has started along, her favorite numbers being 2 (doo), 3 (eee), and 10 (de!). When I say 1, she usually puts up 6 fingers and follows with a doo!, then sometimes she'll say eee!, and usually before I get there she shouts de! because that's her favorite part. Adorable!

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