Thursday, May 15, 2008

A long time coming

We've been thinking about buying two things for the twins for months now, and I finally bought them both on the same day.
Back in January, Brad's mom told us she wanted to help us buy the twins a kitchen set. After looking at a couple places, we settled on the sizzling kitchen from Early Learning Centre, one of my favorite toy stores here. First, we didn't want to buy it until we moved into our new place. Then, we never had time to mess with it when we were at the mall, or we forgot, or they didn't have it in. Finally, on Monday, I stopped in to the shop, they had one in, and I bought it. The box was a little messed up, and I considered asking to look at it first, but I didn't. I should have; the bottom was cracked badly. So, today I went back and got a different one. The guy apologized about 10 times, which is such a change for here. Usually they try to blame you, and it's really hard to return things.
During the twins' nap, I set the kitchen set up, so that when they got up and came into the living room it was the first thing they saw. They've been happily playing with it ever since, except for a short break for dinner.

On the same day that I originally bought the kitchen set, I also bought a table and chair set for the twins. Back in February when we went to Dubai, we visited a family for dinner and they had a kids' table. We thought that was a good idea, so we stored that in the back of our minds. Since then, we've been checking out kids' table sets, but everything we found was either expensive or not sturdy enough. Well, on Monday, while shopping at Giant, I found this set that I love. And, it was a great price, 130 Riyals (about $35.)

I know, I know. You are all amazed by my shopping prowess. All I can say is you haven't seen nothing yet. Just wait until I get back to the States in July. Then you're going to see some power shopping. I can't wait to dive in to some good old, American-style clearance racks.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are some of your best yet. Only problem is they are not downloadable. Forward them when you can.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to have my shopping partner back with me!