Monday, February 11, 2008

A park!

The weather has been really nice the last couple days. I know, I know, it's been nice for the last couple months by most people's standards, but I like it to be between 70-75 degrees if I'm being really picky, and that's what it's been. So, yesterday I suggested that we go to a park. This is how the conversation went:

Me: "Let's go to the park. It's so nice out. I'd like to let the babies run around a little."

Brad: "I'd rather take a nap. Besides, there are no parks here."
Me: "I thought I saw a park on the Corniche. Well, let's go find some grass anyway."

Brad: "There's no park on the Corniche."

Me: "Yes there is. I saw one."
This is where the conversation disolves into the "yes there is"/"no there isn't" spiral.

So, today the babies and I took a drive out to the Corniche. (The Corniche is the only pretty street in Doha. Think Chicago's Lake Shore Drive with palm trees.) And, guess who was right? Me!

This is a picture of the playground. I didn't take a picture up close because there were so many women in traditional dress there and I didn't want to offend. But, it's got about 5 different structures.

This pool/canal ran through the middle of the whole park. It looked like it was only a couple feet deep. I'm not sure if you can swim in it or if it's just for decoration.
We walked along the pool thingy. This was in the center. I'm not sure what the structure actually is for. It looked like offices, but they were empty and the signs were in Arabic. (We were there around 2 pm, right in the middle of the mid-day break.)
This was at the other end of the park. It's an amplitheater, I guess, although I don't know what it's used for. The brown area on the side is a waterfall. You can see a little bit of the Doha skyline in the background, but it was pretty hazy today.
Babies hanging out in their stroller. :)
Some closeups of the babies.

So, I'm glad that I was right. Brad and I will have to take the twins again soon so that we can take them out of the stroller and let them run around. :)

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