Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An amazing week

I am on such a high right now. I feel like I've been shopping and got some really great deals, except I haven't even been to the mall since last week. :) So, if you remember, last Thursday, my new friend Laura came over with her daughter, and she gave me some info about her playgroup and Bible study. Well, yesterday, we went to the playgroup. There were 4 other ladies there, along with their toddlers and a baby. The twins were really good, and I enjoyed being around other moms. Don't get me wrong, Brad's coworkers are nice, but they are men, with one exception. I plan to go back as often as I can. (They meet once a week.)

Today, I went to the ladies' Bible study at the nondenominational church. They meet in a large villa. Other than that, it felt so much like my moms' group at Woodmen Valley! I dropped the babies off at the nursery, and enjoyed 3 hours of adult interaction. I'm bad at estimating, but I would guess that there were about 50 ladies there. We met first all together, sang a praise song, had announcements, and prayed. Then, we broke into small groups. I'm in a group studying the Patriarchs. (Some of the groups are studying a book about marriage.) The study I'm in is a Beth Moore study. Even without having the homework done, I could tell that I'm really going to enjoy the study and my group. Then, the groups doing the same study got back together to watch the video. I had almost forgotten how powerful Beth Moore's studies are. She was talking this week about God testing Abraham, and I was reminded that God has a plan for me. I prayed about Brad moving here, but I forgot to pray about me moving here. I thought it was all my idea, but now I see that God has a purpose, even if that purpose is only to draw myself closer to Him through the separation from family and friends. Typing that, I ask myself, why do I say, "even if," as if that isn't the highest calling? I admit here, in public, so to speak, that in my focusing on the everyday here, I have neglected the eternal. I did not realize just how thirsty I was, until I had a drink of the quenching Holy Spirit today, and I find myself thirsting even more. May I never know another day without the knowledge of my need for Him and without coming to Him to find the Living Water that sustains me!


Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen. May heart sings for joy and I can relate to the joy you have in daily understanding the need to know your need for Jesus. What a blessing!! Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for the Valentine.
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo to all

Anonymous said...

I am on such a high now, too! First, I got some awesome bargains at J. Jill, then I came home and read on your blog the most blessed news I could receive! It is the answer to a very fervent prayer of a mother's heart. It is worth having you all so far away. God is the answer to all of our longings and He is always there to fill them; we just have to ask. I praise the Lord today and will keep praying for all of my family at all times.
Grandma Cindy

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Hi there,

The Bible study sounds great. I'd love to get involved in something similar when I get there. Would you mind emailing me the name of the church you all are going to? My husband has been looking for a church that suits us, but hasn't really found the right fit yet.

Great news that you are settling in so well. It give me hope!! LOL!!