Sunday, February 3, 2008

A nice weekend

We've come up with a Friday night tradition, I think. At least we've done it three weeks in a row now, so I think it might stick. Johnny Rockets. Now, I know that some people don't care for the chain in the US. I haven't been there, but I hear that it's noisy and the food isn't great, but the one in Doha one is perfect for a Friday night out with the family. The hamburgers are delicious, they aren't skimpy on the onion rings, and the waitresses love the twins. I think next week I'll take the camera so that you all can see the stir that they create. :) Catie and Nick really love all the attention.

Well, I finally gave in and trimmed Catie's bangs myself. People (ahem, my parents, cough, cough) kept bugging me about it. I have to say, it did make a big difference and I don't think I did such a bad job. :)

While I was trimming her hair and Brad was holding her steady, the phone rang. It was our babysitter (aka Brad's coworker friend Tom) for our date night. He was sweet enough to offer to watch the babies so that we could go out for dinner and a movie. Yay! We needed a night out to ourselves. So, we went to see National Treasure 2. It was fun going to the theater here. First of all, we got fresh caramel popcorn at the concession stand. I had that finished by the time the previews were over! It was delicious! The theater seats are neat, too. They're assigned seats, and they're kind of like little loveseats with high backs (they go all the way over your head) with an armrest in the middle that you can put up if you want. It almost felt like you were in the theater by yourselves, except during quiet parts you could hear people talking a little. These people never put down their cell phones, I tell you. After the movie, which was better than the first one, by the way, we went to a Chinese restaurant. I've been craving Chinese food, but of course, when I say Chinese food, I mean the fake American Chinese food. I was so excited then, when I found spring rolls, cashew chicken, and sweet and sour chicken on the menu. And, it lived up to my expectations. Yum! We also had jasmine tea. I figured out why Chinese people sip their tea slowly--you have to use your lips as a strainer for all the tea leaves in the cup. Yuck, but the tea was fragrant and delicious.

We spent today in the apartment, just hanging out. It's nice to have slow days with Brad home. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too!

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Anonymous said...

Catie sure looks great with her bangs trimmed!!!!!!!
Love, Grandma Cindy