Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mothers' Day Painted Trivets

I took these pictures quite a while ago with the intention of posting them here, but I knew I had to wait until after Mothers' Day so that the grandmas' gifts would remain secret. I think I've waited sufficiently long enough. :)

I got the idea from Frugal Family Fun Blog. It was one of her suggestions for Mothers' Day gifts that kids can make.

We started with imprinted tiles from Home Depot. The kids chose three colors each. (I tried to encourage them to pick colors that wouldn't turn into a brown mess when mixed together.) We used regular acrylic craft paint.

Once the tiles dried, I went back over them with a small paintbrush and black paint to bring out the designs. A day or two later, I sprayed them with laquer and put cork pads on the bottom.

I was pleased with how they come out and so were both grandmas. :)

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