Monday, April 26, 2010

Oregon Zoo

On Friday morning we went to the Oregon Zoo. It was very well done; the walkways flowed naturally from one exhibit to the next so that you didn't miss anything. I'm always a little disappointed, however, that the St. Louis zoo can manage to do an excellent zoo for free, but we have to pay $40 or more to enjoy a zoo of similar quality in another city.

The eagles were in a large enclosure with no glass between them and the look out. Impressive until you see the poor things hopping around on the branches with clipped wings.

The animals all looked really healthy and happy.

I'm thinking this elephant is really old. At least I hope so. All she did was rock back and forth and shake her head.

Hippos are so ugly. Nicky says, "It's a Hip-o-poatamus." (I know I spelled that wrong. He pronounces it with a long 'o' sound and with breaks where the dashes are.)
These animals (I can't remember their names) are known for standing on their hind feet to reach food. This one used a rock for a boost.
The zebras were a favorite with Catie and Nick.
I love their enclosure.
The giraffe wasn't out in his exhibit, but their was a window into his house. It was cool to be so close to his head.

We took a ride around the zoo in the train. I'll spare you the terrible in-the-train photos.
That afternoon we checked into our hotel downtown and tried unsuccessfully to get the kids to nap. We walked down to a pizza place in the neighborhood and had some yummy Hawaiian pizza. After dinner, we walked to Powell's City of Books, a landmark in Portland. I wished I had a list of books to look for. Then, we walked back to the hotel, swam, and put the kids to bed.

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