Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and the rest of our trip to Portland

On Saturday morning we went to OMSI. Our first stop was the real submarine docked in the river outside the museum. Catie and Nick were fascinated by all the buttons. Brad was fascinated too. Hunt for Red October was filmed on this sub.
Looking through the periscope.

Piloting the submarine. :)

Trying on an oxygen mask.

Inside the museum, we checked out the preschool play area first. Nicky loved the sandbox.

Catie had fun looking at the animal exhibits.

Then, both of them got their sleeves and pants soaking wet at the water table.
We spent a little time looking at the other exhibits, but it was difficult to keep Catie and Nick's attention for very long.
Catie is testing her hearing.
Catie and Nick weren't so sure if they liked the big dinosaur up close or not.
Photo ops:

We ate lunch at the cafeteria and then watched an Omnimax film about the ocean. It was really interesting, and both of the kids were enraptured (and a little frightened) the whole hour.
We went back to the hotel and tried unsuccessfully to get the kids to take a nap. At about 4, we took a walk down to the Saturday Market. We weren't there very long before it was closing time, but we got to see the majority of the vendors and it was fun. Next time we'll get there earlier.
Brad and I couldn't decide on dinner. So, I called down to the concierge and asked for a family friendly restaurant within walking distance. She recommended Mother's Bistro and made reservations for us. Oh my goodness. Delicious. Brad had chicken and dumplings and I had a greek salad. Catie and Nick had the most yummy, gourmet PB&J I've ever seen. And the rolls and biscuits? Heavenly. Even though we were full, we couldn't resist a slice of cake. Yum.
After dinner we went swimming again. (Swimming with the twins is so much fun right now! They love it. I'm thinking swimming lessons will be part of our summer plans.)
On Sunday morning before we headed back home we stopped at IKEA. Not everything there is our style, but I love that store.
So, that was our trip. What a fun weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. The one of Nick reminds me of when you were the sandbox queen at preschool.