Friday, April 30, 2010

Garage Sale Season!

The neighborhood across the street from ours has a neighborhood garage sale going on this weekend. So, I got up early this morning, brushed my teeth, threw on a hat, and drove over there.

Here are my finds:
A healthy hen and chicks plant: $1
Decent looking crocs for Nicky: $2

Luau fabric for the upcoming ladies Bible study brunch from a retired event planner: $2
Seriously, she had 20 sets of everything: vases, candle holders, easels, table cloths, etc.

15 sets of glass drop ornaments: $12
(Brad and I were wanting some ornaments like these for our front tree and this was a great price.)

Quality time with the man I love: $2

Barbie cars: $1 for both
Bag of dress-up clothes: $2
Books and puzzle: $2.50

A cute Christmas shirt and 2 nice dresses for Catie: $5
These prices were a little steep for my garage sale taste, but they were name-brand, barely used. I think all three of these are Gymboree.

Two awesome shirts and a pair of shorts: $6

Crafter's Heaven: $10
Seriously. This lady used to sell craft supplies. I had so much fun going through her books and supplies. They aren't all in the picture, but I got 5 packages of elastic for 10 cents each.
Not pictured:
Booster seat so that we can have a place for our friends' kids when they come over: $2
I had so much fun today. Tomorrow I'm going to be on the other side of the table. Our small group is having a sale to benefit Royal Family Kids Camp (a camp for foster kids.)

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