Thursday, March 18, 2010

Murphy's Law

Brad bought a battery charger for me this afternoon. Less than an hour later, we found ours, along with an extra battery, in with his junk under his side of the bed. When I expressed my delight in not being the one who lost it, he claimed that he told me to look there. I'll let you decide who was right.

I promptly took my camera outside to snap some photos of the red bud tree in full bloom in our backyard.

The yard is a mess right now, but it's also full of promise. I wonder what kind of bulbs these are?
I'm excited to see what this mystery shrub looks like with leaves. :)
We have our work cut out for us, but I'm so happy it's spring!


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Erica said...

In my defense, the extra charger is always "getting lost" so a second one will make it easier to find...hopefully...CBH

Kristine said...

Beautiful green growing plants in your yard. I am insanely jealous. We still have several feet of snow.